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BB Thoughts; beauty, the media and inclusivity.

Beauty, the media and inclusivity.

We’re often bombarded with ideas of what beauty is within the mainstream media, and that standard does not always represent me. Recent controversies within the beauty industry have inspired me to get some feelings off my chest.

As a singer/songwriter, music and words are two of my favourite ways of expressing myself so I decided to put pen to paper and let it out! I know that racial controversy can at times be uncomfortable to address and being vocal about opinions can sometimes lead to hurt feelings, the risk of offending others and even the loss of friends.

I think that it’s important to express yourself and feel comfortable using your voice. That’s why I love this blog, it’s the perfect outlet for me and the perfect platform for me to share this poem with you all. This poem is about celebrating one’s uniqueness, beauty and excellence because we all deserve to feel like we belong. I hope you enjoy it and comment below with your thoughts!


a poem by brook baili

Your hair.. Antennas eagerly reaching out from the roots of your mind effortlessly bathed in sunlight by day and blending into the backdrops of the darkest of sky by night.
Drenched in waters springing back to life through wind, through rain stay standing upright!

Your eyes… Deep and mysterious, warm, and ferociously ridden with stories that capture the curious gazes of children, men and women alike.

Your lips… Guarding a temple of sweet nectar. You cast spells, raise alarm and attention through the power of your rythmic words your prayer your protest your sweet song.

Your skin …Smoother than velvet and brighter than any star that dares compete with your glow. Your skin melts the hearts of those who could only dream to have such a birth right. Constant protective kisses from the sun and reflection of your beauty by night.

The contortions of your body and mind echo the very coils of this earth.
You breathtaking creation.
You do nothing at all to receive the inquisition of curious minds no need for validation you’re forever 1st placing.

Reflect what is reflecting BLACK at you! Beauty beyond belief.

Love BB x 💋

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