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Behind The Music With BB- MJ, Human Nature And Phases!

Behind The Music With BB- MJ, Human Nature and Phases!

Hey guys!

So I’m currently donning white socks, a leather jacket and searching for some matching gloves…why? I’m prepping for my performance tomorrow at The Poets Corner. It’s set to be an exciting event and the night is a tribute to The King of Pop, Michael Jackson!

I’ve chosen one of my favourite MJ ballads to perform; Human Nature. Aside from his effortless vocal performance I love that this song explores the human psyche and our natural desire to connect with people. If you’ve listened to my EP Phases you’ll know exactly why!

I’ll also be performing two tracks from my debut EP, Phases; Louder and Cycles. I’ve spoken before about Phases being a representation of stages in life and varying emotions, though I haven’t yet explained how each track came to be. Let me delve into that now…!

Louder, which I’m sure you’re all familiar with is the debut single from Phases which I often refer to as the baby, ha! It’s atmospheric and has this intensely hypnotic vibe, which is funny because in reality I was sober as a judge when I wrote it. Though as soon as I heard the beat I felt high on life as if all my inhibitions had suddenly disappeared. From the psychedelic synth to the velvety key change in the chorus, Louder creates this intoxicating mood which is so exhilarating! This is exactly the type of vibe we aimed to create with the visuals and I think we did a great job, check out the Louder video below!

It’s funny because Cycles was created when my producer Sampl and I were jamming in the studio, joking around and listening to different sounds; when I began humming this melody. The writing ensued and cycles was born and I now refer to it as one of the most profound songs on the EP as it literally represents my mantra for life, which is about learning to appreciate the highs and lows.

I can’t wait to share the live experience with you all tomorrow, make sure you all say hi! You can purchase the event tickets here.

My EP Phases is out now and available on all major platforms!

Love BB x

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