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Brook Baili, ‘Louder’ Video Out Now


Brook Baili is taking a classic sound in fresh directions.
Essentially rooted in R&B, her velvet voice continually seeks out new avenues, new ways to reinterpret her influences and cast an individual spell.
New EP ‘Phases’ is a case in point. Out shortly on Mainframe Music, it pits the vocalist against some superb production talent to create something uniquely atmospheric.
Sampl steps up to the plate on ‘Louder’ (purchase LINK), and that murky production underpins one of Brook’s most striking vocal performances.
According to Brook Baili, “the song ‘Louder’ was inspired by a remarkably sensual moment in time I shared with someone. We experienced what I would call spiritual chemistry and I felt the highest euphoria that lingered for days; I was literally walking on air, spaced out on the biggest rush of endorphins. If that moment were my last second on earth, I would have lived and died a moment of pure bliss”.
Clash is able to premiere the video – check it out now.

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