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Poetry, MJ and 100 Years Of Black Sound

Poetry, MJ and 100 Years Of Black Sound

Getting My MJ On!


Last week I had the pleasure of performing at The Poet’s Corner MJ Tribute. It was a night filled with creativity, history, passion and “sexpression” 🙊 (had to be there! ha ha!), to say I had a blast is an understatement!

It was wonderful being able to witness the ways that others choose to express themselves and sharing my own form of expression too. I loved performing Human Nature as my personal homage to the King Of Pop MJ. As well as Louder and Cycles, both taken from my EP Phases.


Black Cultural Archives

The event was held at the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, London. It was my first time there and if you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting, I highly recommend it!

The Black Cultural Archives was opened with the mission to preserve, record and celebrate the history of people of African descent in Britain.

Their current exhibition explores 100 years of Black Sound in Britain and it was great to witness the growth of homegrown talent. Although I didn’t get that much time to mosey around, here are a few pics I managed to capture!


Thank you!

Finally I’d like to say a big thank you for all of the support so far, with the release of my single Louder and my EP Phases! I had the pleasure of meeting quite a few of you at this performance and I love feeling so connected.

Keep your eyes peeled I’ll soon be uploading pics taken at my performances onto my Facebook, so I can keep track of everyone I’ve met on my journey.

Until next time…

Love BB x 💋


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