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Songwriting For The Soul, My Writing Process #LoveBB 

SONGWRITING For The Soul, My Writing Process #LoveBB 



For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had really strong urges to write things down. I love songwriting!  


I’m sure we’ve all experienced those moments in which we’ve struggled to truly communicate how we feel… I know I have! I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’m not always great at expressing how I feel verbally. Songwriting allows me the freedom to open up in a way that I wouldn’t feel comfortable otherwise. Music speaks to me, and when I hear a captivating beat or begin to play the strings of my guitar, the words start to pour out of me! It’s sooo therapeutic! 


When I’m in the studio, I rarely go in with a lyrical concept, although I usually have a sense of the sound I’m hoping to capture. I’ll have a vague idea of the beat or tempo, and we’ll go from there. Then it’s a case of the producer and I bouncing off of each other and letting the creativity flow! The producer generally starts off with a drum pattern, and I play about with the rhythm and the melody. Singing random words until they start to form a concept. I love starting with the chorus because once I get the hook, the rest of the song pretty much writes itself!  


Songwriting literally is the best thing ever. I get stir crazy when I haven’t been creating for a few days because it’s just something I have to do! When I’m home I play the guitar and piano to help me write, and then I’m on the phone to my producer to book a session! I get a real buzz from the songwriting process, because everything is soul driven and I’m able to lose myself and let go, it’s a fantastic feeling!  


Love BB x

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