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Ultimate Artists-A Musical Retreat

Ultimate Artists

– A Musical Retreat

In May, I went to a vocal and music business workshop where I had the pleasure of meeting Sheena Lawda, the director of Ultimate artists and a prominent singer/songwriter and Joshua Alamu, who is a vocal coach extraordinaire and has worked with some of my favourite artists including Little Mix and JP Cooper. The workshop was amazing and jam packed with information, I took a lot from it, stuff that I will keep with me as I continue forth on my musical journey.

A few months after the workshop I was offered a scholarship to Ultimate artists, a 10 day musical retreat at University of Hertfordshire, Thank you Sheena and Josh : )!

Sheena and Josh are amazing mentors they know the business inside out and are really passionate about what they do. For 10 days they shared their network and expertise over a vigorous timetable from 7:30am to 11pm, the lessons I learnt at Ultimate artists were invaluable. During the 10 day experience we had talks from artists like Fleur East, music industry business advisors and the founders of Unsigned Music Awards.

The experience reinforced how much I want this and how excited I am for the journey ahead.

Love BB x

P.S Have you listened to “Phases” yet?

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