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Upcoming performance – I can’t wait!

Upcoming performance – I can’t wait!

So in the midst of preparing for my debut EP Phases to be released I’ve also been busy rehearsing for my upcoming performance at The Hook Up Presents Talent Over Status, on Sunday 17th September 2017 at Undersolo Urban Diner Camden.

I’ll be performing three tracks from my debut EP, Phases; Louder, We Run Deep and Cycles. Phases represents varying phases in life and there’s an emotion behind each track. These are three of my favourites to perform live.

I really love performing, and that adrenaline rush I get right before stepping onto that stage! Feeling the music and energy in the room and being able to share that with the audience is a one of a kind experience. Human connection is really important to me and I love it when people truly connect with something I’ve written as my writing is created to be a shared experience. I can’t wait to meet you all on Sunday 17th September. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

See you then. Be sure to say hi 🙂

Love BB x

Keep an eye on my YouTube channel for this plus more footage.

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